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Unitag QR Code

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Unitag QR Code


Google Maps API TutorialIf you want to have dozens of markers on your page, it gets a bit cumbersome to manage them if you code them all in your Javascript as in the previous examples. The preferred method for handling large numbers of markers is to store the data in an XML file. It's also possible to have an application (e.g. mySQL) running on your server which returns XML containing a different selection from the data depending on query information derived from what your users input. I'm not going to cover the mySQL side of things in this tutorial.Affiliate Programs ForumPrivate forum for affiliate program managers to discuss anything to do with running affiliate programs. If you are an affiliate program manager and would like access to this forum, please send us a message. CJ is the largest affiliate program management/tracking company around. This forum can be used for anything related to Commission Junction (including advertisers that use them). Google's Affiliate Network has been deprecated. See announcement here:

Unitag propose une formule gratuite qui permet de générer un nombre illimité de QR code, disponible à vie et personnalisable, mais uniquement en basse définition. Des formules payantes sont également disponibles :


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