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11.1.4. Complex, multipanel figures. Multi-paneled figures must be supplied as one file, with each panel clearly labeled. Avoid giving a header to each panel, but give this information in the figure legend. The size and style of letters and labels of different panels must be uniform within each figure and, whenever possible, between figures. See paragraphs 11.1.2 and 11.1.3 for additional technical details. The choice to reduce the number of figures by creating complex panels with a number of items is discouraged. We suggest that authors do not use more than six, simple panels for each figure. As a rule, the figures are to be published on a single page with vertical (portrait) orientation. Please take this into account when structuring your figures to avoid publishing delays resulting from our request to change them. Please, consider placing figures that are very large or do not fit on a single vertical page in the Supplementary data when this is allowed for the type of your article.

RS - Coat Your Throat.avi.mp4

Before resubmitting a manuscript that has been modified according to reviewers' suggestions, carefully check that all content, including Results, Tables and Figures, is correct. If accepted, your manuscript will be pre-published exactly as it is. Moreover, what is contained in the pre-published manuscript will be used for producing the final version of your article that will be included in an issue of the journal. Please, take note that the data cannot be changed during the production process and that their correction requires publication of an erratum in one of the following issues of the journal. 041b061a72


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