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Car Buying Consultant ((FREE))

Hello, my name is Oren Weintraub, my promise to you is that my staff and I will utilize all of our abilities, connections, perseverance and tenacity to ensure that you will enjoy the experience of buying or leasing a new car while being protected from paying more than you have to and from the common aggravation associated with buying a car on your own.

car buying consultant


Authority Auto is a car-buying consulting agency that locates, negotiates and delivers extremely competitive prices on all types of cars for our clients, new or pre-owned. Through our extensive knowledge of auto sales and state-of-the-art customer service, we take the stress out of the car-buying experience and provide significant savings of both time and money. Unlike other brokers, we always look out for your best interests and eliminate possible conflicts by not accepting any form of compensation from car dealerships.

Buying a car should be a joyful and exciting experience. Unfortunately, for most people the buying process is no fun at all, what with the hours of research, multiple dealer visits, comparing prices, endless negotiating, countless pressure tactics and, in the end, still wondering if you got a good deal.

Why spend more effort and money than necessary when buying a car? We have consistently achieved impressive results for our clients, saving them significant expenses and hassles while providing state-of-the-art customer service at every step.

Working with Carman Chris was the greatest car buying experience I had in my life! Everything went smooth and with no issues. The stress of buying a car was removed. I will never go into a car dealership again. Carman Chris is the way to go!!

Car-man Chris was exceptional to work with. He saved me a lot of time and money for the Jaguar I leased through him from Jaguar Ft Lauderdale. I received five-star service from the moment I contacted him, I highly recommend Chris if you are buying or leasing a car in South Florida.

Car Man Chris definitely took a lot of the stress out of the car buying process. Chris helped me not only obtain the vehicle optioned the way I wanted but also assisted in negotiating it for the price that I wanted as well. Standouts as part of my interactions were Chris' professionalism, expertise, and prompt follow up. In terms of services provided Chris did not stop at locating the car but participated in each step inclusive of when it came to sign on the dotted line providing insight into that process as well. I would definitely recommend to others looking to purchase a vehicle and would leverage Chris for my next purchase.

It's a no-brainer. Why go through the long pain filled process of buying or leasing a car when Chris has all the knowledge and experience to get us the car we want at the best possible price? Chris works for us!

Who enjoys the car buying process? Not me! I tried buying a car on my own a few months ago and had a horrible experience. My friends referred me to Carman Chris and he changed my opinion. Chris makes the car buying process so fast and easy. It only took Carman Chris a few minutes to locate the vehicle I wanted. He negotiated the price and saved me thousands of dollars compared to the price quoted to me by another dealer. His expertise is not just in negotiation, as he assisted with so many other facets of the process including the credit application, trade in, financing, insurance and delivery. Thank you Carman Chris!

My personal car buying services are available to you as long as you live, or you are able to take delivery of the car, in Ventura, Santa Barbara or Northern Los Angeles Counties. If you live outside this area then you can use my Hire Greg for Consultation services.

My clients, on the other hand, are experiencing something refreshingly different. For my clients the process is pleasant and efficient with none of the back and forth haggling and drama associated with dealers. My clients come out of the showroom beaming with excitement, unscathed by the car buying process and paying far less than the people going at it all alone.

NEW CARSNo matter if you are buying or leasing a new car I can negotiate the entire transaction by phone. This means you can take advantage of my services on new cars from anywhere! If you live in Southern California I can often have the car delivered to your door and have the paperwork done at your kitchen table. No need to even visit the dealership! I have negotiating power that far exceeds any consumer based process. In the end I will save you money, time and headaches.

Finally, I negotiate on your behalf, getting you the best car at the best price. I sit through the deal beside you making sure that the process is clear and straightforward. The dealers know that I know exactly what is going on behind the scenes, which means they cannot use the same smoke and mirrors that they use with a retail customer. As your buying agent I have tremendous influence with your experience at the dealership.

I had this crazy idea to quit my job and start my own business offering a service where people hired me to be their car buying advocate.I would charge clients a fee outside the deal so I could actually have their best interest in mind.

Our White Glove Concierge service is a dedicated personal consulting service for you. We provide a single point of contact dedicated to guiding you through the entire car buying process. Our expert will provide a clear non-biased explanation of the leasing or buying process to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

I was referred to Dorian by a friend and I am so glad I called him! I have purchased a new vehicle several times and I can tell you that by far this was the best experience buying a car. I contacted Dorian on Monday and he had my dream vehicle sent to my house by Tuesday at noon.

I had the pleasure of getting assistance from Dorian Gunn that made my purchase and trade in an easy transaction. I told Dorian what I wanted and not only did he get me a great deal on my purchase, he also got me top dollar for my trade in. He used his knowledge of the industry and countless resources to secure me the best deal. I highly recommend Dorian for your next car buying experience as he takes all the negotiating into his hands to get you the best deal.

A good first place to look is at some online car-buying websites. These usually have inventory ranging from used and new cars, to used cars only, to former rental units coming out of a national rental car fleet.

Car-buying services typically help you get a better deal than you would on your own. Plus, these services can leverage the experience of its experts to negotiate for you, so you can skip the unnecessary stress of negotiating with a car sales professional.

For a growing number of consumers, a lack of time and patience for buying cars has piqued an interest in hiring a professional to do it for them. And to help serve this market, a cottage industry has emerged to search the nation for the perfect car for you…for a fee, of course.

A pure, consumer-driven auto broker usually works out of a small office or home office with a skeleton staff, charging flat-fee buying services to any customer who asks them to. But don't feel limited to hiring a broker in your immediate region. As the market for broker-represented buying has spread, many brokers have started working from Web-based traffic and taking on clients around the world.

"There are many people and services posing as brokers or leasing and buying agencies," said Jay Green, owner and founder of in Los Angeles. "The best way to check would be to call some random dealerships near them and ask if they have heard of the person or service and what they have to say about them."

Fees for these services can start at $200 and can go as high as $1,000 normally, based on the car you're buying and whether it is a new or used model. Used cars and rare cars tend to carry a higher fee since it takes more legwork to locate a good deal; although, you'll likely see an even deeper discount from what you could have bought on your own thanks to regional differences in used car prices.

If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars, wholesale clubs like Costco and auto clubs like AAA offer car-buying services similar to what brokers offer. Even a site like basically operates as a broker. Normally, these services operate by working out special pricing with one dealership in a market that can be offered to members in return for referrals. While this isn't a true brokerage arrangement, the service is often free or very inexpensive and can often take much of the haggling out of the car-buying process.

CEFCU has partnered with Autoland, the premier car buying service that makes it easy to get the car you want, without the stress of shopping on your own. Autoland works for you, and is designed to make your car buying experience easy, and hassle-free to save you both time and money.

With Autoland, you'll appreciate the same high quality service you've come to expect from CEFCU. To begin your ultimate auto buying experience, visit Autoland or call (800) 234-6999 and be sure to identify yourself as a Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union member.

"Nikhil was able to exactly understand my situation and tried his best to provide me with key inputs which helped me finalize a car that perfectly matches our preference. He is very professional and supportive, Also he explained to me the pros and cons of buying a new car."

"Excellent service by MotorOctane. We usually think that making a car-buying decision is quite simple after watching some youtube videos. Well, we researched for a car for almost 8 months and watched so many videos, and comparisons but with so much news and cars upcoming there's always a dilemma to finalize the best suited for our requirements. The MotorOctane car consultancy comes as a KBC expert advice lifeline for us that completely cleared our thoughts and made us end up with the right car. Moiz helped us in shortlisting the cars as per our requirements one by one with detailed reasoning and logical explanations to select or reject any car. Finally, after a detailed collaboration, he helped with 2 options to choose from. After a few days, we again took a follow-up call with Moiz and he was so calm and easy to understand our doubts and helped in resolving each one of those to our satisfaction. We finally ended up with the best car matching our requirements all because of the expert advice of the MotorOctane team (Moiz). Overall we're happy to get connected with the MotorOctane team." 041b061a72


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