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Wireless networks use encryption to protect the data they carry against eavesdropping and malicious modifications. However, legacy encryption protocols (like WEP) are vulnerable to attack, and even secure protocols can be cracked using brute-force and dictionary-based attacks. Several different tools exist for cracking the passwords securing Wi-Fi networks.


Aircrack-ng is a popular wireless password-cracking tool. It starts by capturing wireless network packets, then attempts to crack the network password by analyzing them. Aircrack-ng supports FMS, PTW, Korek and other attacks against WEP passwords. Aircrack-ng can also use dictionary attacks to guess passwords for WPA, WPA2 and WPA3 Wi-Fi networks.

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Aircrack-ng is probably the most preferred choice for hackers to penetrate Wi-Fi networks and access passwords for ethical or unethical use. It is popular for people looking to crack both WEP and WPA passwords.

Wifiphisher is yet another excellent tool for cracking passwords and creating fake access points. Penetration testers can use such fake access points for red team engagement and Wi-Fi security testing.

Use each of these tools for cracking Wi-Fi passwords or to monitor your network traffic. While each tool has its own set of features, you need to decide which feature is best suited for your immediate needs.

Hi, somebody, I am using Linux and i have yet to do crack wpa2. but,i use a rockyou.txt file is not working or no enough for me. cant found key for wpa2. so, how can i do? need ext that file or need download another big dict once?my rock you.txt is only 133 mb and i need to known enough or not. if need to ext, tell me how to do and need download another, teach me where can i get it every one.

No one has 4000 TB just for word lists. NSA maybe. For best results try reaver and pixidust. Github has them all ready for download. Aircrack is great but in the end the cracking process is forever. What takes 2 days can be done in minutes with hashcat. Hope this helps

Fern wifi cracker is used when we want a Graphical User Interface to crack wifi passwords. Fern is a widely used wifi hacking tool designed in Python Programming Language using the Python Qt GUI library. The tools are comfortable to attack wireless networks along with ethernet networks. Fern comes packed with many features, few of them are listed below.

I have tried the tools on WEP, WPA and WPA2, where only WEP is able to get cracked. The weak point of routers was WPS, but reaver and bully seems outdated and I have not gotten them to work on a single router yet. WPA2 cannot be cracked as far as I have understood, and the only way to actually get a password from WPA/WPA2 is by having a word list, which in itself is an extremely bad solution. There is an incredibly low chance of a password being in a word list, and if we talk outside the USA, they are non existant. Since WPS cracking seems to be secured, WPA/WP2 not being able to be cracked without word lists and WPA3 on the way, would that mean that currently Wi-Fi with WPA/WPA2 protection is most likely impossible to hack?


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